By-Laws of The Cultural Row Block Association (CURBA) on Eastern Parkway - Brooklyn - New York (June 2016)

Article I - Name: The name of this organization shall be The Cultural Row Block Association on Eastern Parkway, hereinafter to be referred to as "CURBA".  It will comprise the buildings located on Eastern Parkway between Washington Avenue and Plaza Street East, Brooklyn, New York.
Article II - Purpose & Mission: CURBA, organized in June 2016, is:
A. To promote the safety and general welfare of the block’s residents and buildings; 
B. To preserve and improve the quality of life of our immediate community;
C. To jointly seek solutions to the community problems.
Article III - Memberships
Section 1. Individual Membership
Any resident of the block who is at least 16 years of age, who shares the goals of CURBA and wishes to associate with CURBA, may be accorded an individual membership in this organization, regardless of homeowner or renter status.
To become an individual member, interested residents of the block need to pay in full the annual dues of the Association.
All individual members will be invited to a general meeting at least once a year where they shall have a right to vote. If an individual or a building member cannot be present, s/he will be able to vote by written proxy.
Members can suggest amendments to the Bylaws to the Steering Committee.
Members can propose the creation of Special Committees (preservation, beautification, safety....) to the Steering Committee. Once approved by the Steering Committee by a simple majority vote, the Secretary will inform the general membership.
Each special committee shall have a chair, who will report to the Steering Committee at least twice a year on the result of their work. The special committees are principally composed of members of the Association but can also include experts and other interested parties.
Section 2. Building Membership
Each building, through its co-op board or a tenant association,  that is interested in joining CURBA shall pay annual dues based on their number of units and shall have one vote during General Meetings. This is a "building vote" and shall be in addition to the personal votes of any individual Steering committee members from said building.
Article IV - Dues
The dues for individual and building memberships shall be determined by the General Membership during its annual meeting.
Article V - Steering Committee
Section 1 - Role
The Steering Committee shall be the coordinating body of the association. It shall have the following functions:

  • To decide what topics/agenda to bring up to the general membership.
  • To handle housekeeping and administrative issues.
  • To carry out the decisions of the general membership.
  • To resolve all interim issues, as required, between General Membership meetings

Section 2 - Composition and voting
An individual member who has paid her/his dues in full and who has attended at least 3 meetings of The Steering Committee in the preceding 12 months shall have the right to vote on The Steering Committee.
Each building that has paid its dues in full has a right to a single vote at meetings of the Steering Committee. This vote is separate from, and in addition to, any individual votes, presented in advance.
If a member of the Steering Committee cannot attend a vote, s/he can designate a representative to vote in her/his stead via a written proxy.
Section 3 - Meetings
Quorum: For the Steering Committee to officially meet, it shall need a minimum of 7 (seven) of its members.
Number of meetings: The Steering Committee shall meet at least once every other month, although the President, or one of the other officers in the absence of the President, has the authority to call for additional meetings, as needed.
Meeting schedules shall be decided by the officers.
Chair of the meetings
The meetings of the Steering Committee shall be chaired by the President of CURBA, or in her/his absence by the VP, Treasurer or Secretary of the Association.
The meetings of the Steering Committee are open to the full membership. A sign-in sheet shall be kept by the Secretary.
Article VI - Officers of the Association
The officers of the Eastern Parkway Cultural Row Block Association shall be the following: a President,  a Vice-President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.
Any member of the Steering Committee shall be eligible for these positions. Members of the Steering Committee may put their name forward or may be nominated by other members two to three weeks before the annual meeting takes place.
Section 1 - President: The President shall serve as the head of CURBA and represent the voice of its membership.  The President shall:

  • Convene and preside over all meetings of the Steering Committee and general membership meetings
  • Oversee major initiatives related to the Association;
  • With the Secretary and any designated members of the Association, relay any messages CURBA wishes to communicate to community organizations and government entities and ensure community announcements are similarly conveyed to the Officers and General Membership;
  • Maintain dialog with relevant local organizations;
  • Oversee the organization’s finances with the Treasurer; and
  • When necessary, co-sign with the Treasurer legal documents and checks on behalf of the organization.

Section 2 - Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the President and other CURBA Officers in all block association activities and will assume leadership and oversight duties when the President is absent or unavailable. 
The Vice President shall:

  • Advise the President;
  • Represent CURBA at community-related meetings and events and provide reports on content of those meetings to the CURBA Officers;
  • Play an active role on special committees and in CURBA's programs and activities; and
  • Any other additional responsibilities as delegated by the President or the Steering Committee Membership.

Section 3 - Treasurer: The Treasurer is the financial warden of the organization. 
The Treasurer shall:

  • Maintain an accurate record of all CURBA Members who have paid their dues;
  • Manage the collection and distributions of funds for the block association;
  • Maintain accurate and transparent records of block association matters;
  • Provide a quarterly summary of the block association financial status to the general membership;
  • Serve as signatory and co-signer on behalf of the organization with the block association President (or Vice President in the absence of the President) for the CURBA bank account(s), checks and legal documents;

Section 4 - Secretary: The Secretary serves as the communications coordinator of CURBA.
The Secretary shall:

  • Keep minutes of all meetings and make said notes available to the membership via the website of the association.
  • Maintain all records pertaining to the affairs of the block association;
  • Keep a record of attendance at all meetings;
  • Supervise and maintain the block association’s digital media platforms including the website;
  • Relay any messages the block association wishes to communicate to community organizations and ensure community announcements are similarly conveyed to the Officers and General Membership;
  • Conduct general correspondence of the organization at the direction of the President and other Officers;
  • Ensure that advance notification of meetings is disseminated to the General Membership and Officers; and
  • Ensure the Bylaws are available to the General Membership

Section 4 - Terms of Office and Vacancies
The officers shall be elected by a simple majority of the General Membership for a 2 (two) year by secret ballot.
In order to maintain institutional stability, the first-elected President and Treasurer will serve two-year terms, while first-elected Vice President and Secretary will serve one-year terms.
Any Officer may resign at any time by giving written notice (letter or email) to the President or Secretary. Duties shall be assumed on an interim basis by the next person in line.
Vacancies will be filled promptly by a special election held along the same general lines as regular elections of officers.
Article VII - Amendments: These Bylaws may be amended at the request of any member of CURBA through the Steering Committee. Amendments can be made only when it receives two-thirds of the votes from the general membership.