We need a block association to organize together as neighbors and give us collective power with local officials and politicians. We need an organization to protect our quality of life long-term on the blocks between Plaza Street East and Washington Avenue along Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. 

Our mission (Full by-laws)

A. To promote the safety and general welfare of the block’s residents and buildings; 
B. To preserve and improve the quality of life of our immediate community;
C. To jointly seek solutions to the community problems.

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 Eastern Parkway is a National Scenic Landmark but the buildings along the parkway are not landmarked.  Creating a historic district would prevent demolition of existing buildings, the addition of stories to existing buildings, or crude changes that would reduce the appearance of the neighborhood and the value of other buildings.  This is happening increasingly on many blocks including Washington Ave between Eastern Parkway and Lincoln Place.

Design Doug Ensign

Design Doug Ensign

We joined forces with the Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council (PHNDC) to create the Prospect Heights Apartment House District (PHAHD). Our efforts have been recognized by the Historic Districts Council (HDC) who identified this area as one of six in New York City that merit preservation.

“Without the protection of historic designation, we are concerned that not only may the character of the neighborhood be lost, but also that large-scale remodeling or redevelopment may force tenants out,” said Isabelle Broyer, former president of CuRBA. “We’re gratified that HDC has recognized the importance of this initiative by selecting it as one of the Six to Celebrate.”

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